How to optimize your website for Voice Search SEO?

We have come to the new era of technology where people can just speak and search for anything on the internet rather than the traditional way of typing it out. Voice search helps you to get traffic to your website which can be achieved by implementing voice search SEO strategies. Google voice search is a technology that converts user speech/commands into text with the help of Google AI technology.

Let’s look at some facts, shall we

  • 63% of the total U.S. online population 18+ say they use voice-operated personal assistants of any kind
  • In 2020, there were be 4.2 billion digital voice assistants being used in devices around the world. Forecasts suggest that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units – a number higher than the world’s population
  • Voice-based shopping expected to reach $40 billion by 2022
  • The global smart speaker market grew by 58% in 2020 accounting for 154 million units shipped over the past 12 months, according to Omdia’s latest Smart Speakers 2020 report. The total smart speaker revenue is now up to $3.2bn globally.
  • Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Amazon, and other manufacturers collectively shipped 58 million units in Q4 of 2020.
  • Google sold more than 13 million smart speakers in Q4 2020 globally.

 Forget about the separate devices companies are selling just for AI voice search, almost all people have mobiles, tablets, with these devices voice search is already enabled. With all those stats Just think about how much traffic you could get with simple tactics which all you need to make your website voice search optimized. To optimize your website implement the Voice Search SEO strategies mentioned below.

Voice search SEO strategies to optimize your website

1)Optimizing load time


Yet 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a big problem.

” Dainial An, Google.

In 2021, nobody wants to wait, everything needs to be fast, if you are slow you lose the race Even google likes fast website as it’s one of the metrics from which is an important factor in SERP ranking.

If your page speed is slow it increases the bounce rate ,which might affect the traffic coming on your website.

Source :

Take this as an example, you ask Alexa or google assistant about something, these intelligent AI’s are not going to wait for your site to open. they need a fast responsive website form from where they can fetch data from.

Some of the culprits that might be slowing down your website:
a) Not optimizing your photos:

you can create and upload high quality, high resolutions images but the thing with high quality images is that it take long time to load to the website ,so one of the best way to cure this is to compress the images . there are many online free websites where you can upload the images and compress the images.

b) Clear cache

This is something people often forget or people don’t know about.

cache is a reserved storage location that collects temporary data to help websites, browsers, and apps load faster.

To make your site speed load time faster, try clearing the cache. You can do this with the help of various WordPress.

I recommend installng WP Super Cache > Activate plugin > Go to dashboard > Press delete cache

Clearing cache using WP super cache
C)Technical issues

There might be technical issues which your site may suffer from like html, JavaScript error,Excessive HTTP Requests,Unclean Code, etc

Here is a small checklist for you to follow:

  • Check Broken links
  • Broken images or heavy image sizes
  • Excessive HTTP Requests
  • JavaScript error
  • Redirection error (303,302,404 etc)
  • Mobile optimization
  • HTML CSS error
  • Crawl error
  • SSL certificate
So how do you optimize your website‘s loading speed?

Optimize the problems mentioned above to optimize the loading time of your website. Also, there are so many free tools out there that will analyze the loading time of your website on desktop and mobile and also tell you what are the problems that might be slowing down your website that needs optimization.

some of free site are

2)It should be long form content-

Google believes in those websites which have done extensive research on a topic so that the users don’t have to go to another site, so they can get everything they want in that website itself. So how can you make sure the users get the maximum output out of your website ??

No rocket science …by writing extensively researched long-form content with high word count. It is seen that 1000+ words in an article will do much better than 500 or less than a 1000-word article.

See with high word count content, you can increase your chances to rank on SERP for related keywords. Also, people will spend more time on the page which will make sure the article is good and can be optimized for voice searches.

average content image for get traffic through voice search

3)Start with “what ,how to, where, who ,why”

If you search on google keyword planner or any other tools where you could get the volume of the keyword, you will find that words or phrases like where, who, why, the, top, best, etc has much better higher volume than any other keywords and also it has less SEO difficulty.

4)Try to work more on user intent-

Another reason that these phrases and keywords have the intent of customers, most of the users will start or phase their sentences with these words if they talk with AI as they want to be precise as possible.

5)Focus more on semantic search-

In simple words, Semantic search is when a lot of resources are used to perform a search, rather than just relying on a keyword.

For example: if you’re writing about shoes, think about how a user will type in a search for maybe “shoes for men” or “black shoes for men” or maybe “black footwear for men”. You see footwear acts as a semantic for shoes.

When Google crawls through your website or that page they will see that you have a related keyword in the article. Try to be as concise as possible.

Some of the examples-

Conversational queries and results:

Auto-corrected misspells by google:

6)Provide an answer in a context-

Google wants to give the answer to the user within 30 words , so does this mean you should write 30 words blog, no !!!!!!

Context answer image ffor get traffic through voice search

How to overcome, try to make a FAQ section in your article where the answer to the questions asked by the user can be summed up to 30 words.

As you know how phrases with question keywords are on the rise, make FAQ on that and target mostly that and keep in mind make your summary less than 30 words because that’s what Google prefers.

7)Use long tail keyword as much as possible-

 voice search

As we all know SEO is getting harder day by day, it’s harder to rank for a particular keyword because there is so much competition, did you know there are 3 million articles posted on google, so where do you stand in this…how do you compete? so here is your answer LONG TAIL KEYWORDS.

With long-tail keywords, you can narrow down your phrases which will give you much better results. Most people who use voice searches would use long-tail phrases rather than a single or double word so the intent of the user is also taken into consideration while using long-tail keywords.

Here are some benefits which you might like:

  • Less competition
  • Substantial traffic
  • Better targeted traffic
  • Higher conversion rates

8)Try to use filler words when writing the question keywords-

The more matches you have, the more likely your ad will show on a voice search that includes words like “a” and “me” and “for.”

Bing’s Purna Virji (Source: backlink)

Try to increase your domain authority as high as possible. Google doesn’t show voice search websites with traditional SEO techniques. Every voice search results shown on google has a google authority of 77. Yes, you heard it right and that’s pretty high.

Filler word image for get traffic through voice search

Page authority is not as important as domain authority. Google wants to show the most relevant and trustworthy site so it will choose domain authority over page authority even if you have got links from many sites.

If you check “near me” phase has one of the most volumes in traffic and also has low competition compared to others. So try to optimize the article with “near me” phrases as possible.

For example: digital marketing agency near me, bakery shop near me.


With changes in technology, the launch of new smart voice AI-Enabled devices, and the rising numbers of digital assistants, Voice search is clearly on the rise. Voice search will change the whole face of Search engine optimization with the rapid increase, it will be foolish to ignore this rising trend. It has the potential to grow. So it’s high time you step up your game and be prepared for the future of Voice search.

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