Top 10 Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool for 2021!

Top 10 Free Instagram hashtag generator tools For 2021!

Hashtags for Instagram are like keywords for SEO! If you want to be found in Instagram Search, using the right balance of relevant and trending hashtags in your content. It is the only way you will get there.

A fact “A post with at least one hashtag generates 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag”.

So, whenever you are posting content on Instagram it is suggested to use 30 hashtags in your caption to help the audience to discover your content and boost engagement. Along with Caption you can use hashtags in your bio as well as your story to grow your Instagram Account. By this practice, your post will appear in the search results of the people who are searching for the hashtags you have used.

How to add hashtags to your bio?

Go to your profile > Click on Edit profile > Click on bio > Click on tick mark icon to save changes

How to Add Hashtags on your Instagram Bio
Hashtags on your Instagram Bio

What is the importance of using Instagram hashtags? Why should we use Instagram hashtags?

1.   Makes your content easily discoverable.
2.    Helps the target audience find you.
3.    Increase the reach of your posts 
4. Hence increases your followers in the long game.
5.    Can clue you in on the industry trend.
6.    Helps Increase engagement rate.
7.    Helps you to be on top of the Explore page (again chances to bag more followers!)
8.    Get your post featured in trending hashtags.
9.    Brand recognition.

In short Instagram hashtags are key to expand your potential audience reach and succeed in your Instagram journey.

Finding relevant and trending hashtags to use within your content should be your priority.

Wondering how to find trending hashtags on Instagram?

You might be considering it a very difficult task to find appropriate and trending hashtags for your Instagram posts. Luckily, here are the top 10 Free Instagram hashtag Generator tools that will make your work a lot easier and will help your content reach the targeted audience, even if they have not connected with you before.


All Hashtag is a go-to tool for beginners and Expert Alike. It helps you generate the most relevant hashtags for Instagram posts in a particular niche. You just need to insert a single word or at a max 3 words to get suggestions of hashtags that are relevant to that word. With this tool, you can generate and analyze thousands of relevant hashtags that you can copy & paste into your posts which will help you expand reach and amplify your presence on Instagram.

All Hashtag - Instagram Hashtag Generator
Image Source – All Hashtag


Instavast is a complete suite of Instagram marketing tools that includes an Instagram hashtag generator. This tool generates relevant hashtags based on the photos, Post URL, or Keywords you upload on the tool. It will automatically generate a list of hashtags that you can simply copy-paste in your post that can help boost your post’s engagement. Apart from hashtag generator, it allows you to automate your likes, comment, follow, unfollow, direct messages, and posting activities on Instagram.

Instavast - Instagram Hashtag Generator
Image Source – Instavast


Ritetag gives you the Instant Instagram hashtag suggestion on Text and Images anywhere on the Web or Mobile based on real-time hashtag engagement. You just need to enter a word and it will generate a list of relevant and accurate hashtags related to your topic that will help you grow your Instagram Followers. You can even install it as a Chrome extension that allows you to right-click or any picture, make a text selection and then choose the Hashtag Suggestions.

NOTE: This tool is not free, but you can use its free trial (it’s a must try & that’s why we included this).

RiteTag - Hashtag Generator Tool
Image Source – RiteTag

 4.  SISTRIX –

Sistrix generates popular and relevant hashtags based on the word you enter within the search box of the tool that helps you get more likes on your posts and gain more followers. This tool can search up to 25 Queries per day. It pulls the hashtag from the database of 15 million hashtag combinations and contains more than 7.7 million hashtags that are updated on a real-time basis.

Image Source – SISTRIX

5.  Influencer Marketing Hub –

Influencer Marketing Hub is for Influencers/Creators/Marketers who want to use their service of free hashtags generator. In this tool, you just need to upload the Image and the generator will suggest relevant hashtags based on the Image. If you find the hashtags irrelevant to the image you have an option to manually put a search or you can input more target hashtags. Apart from hashtags generator, it offers many other tools for influencer promotion.

Influencer Marketing Hub - Hashtag Generator tool
Image Source – Influencer Marketing Hub


Kicksta is an automation tool with a free hashtag Finder. This Instagram Hashtag Generator tool is easy to use and includes a search box where you can input a word. Based on that word it will provide top, relevant, and best match hashtags for Suggestions.  This is a go-to tool for Instagrammers who are new to using hashtags. This tool will help you go after your target audience based on specific hashtags and interests.

KICKSTA - Hashtag Generator
Image Source – KICKSTA

7.  Preview App –

Preview App allows you to add hashtags to your post only with one tap. You can search and use the mix & match hashtags from over 90+ categories and 2000 hashtags. Preview App provides each hashtag researched, excluding the banned hashtag and each hashtag group gives a mix of 4 types of hashtags i.e., Popular hashtags, Niche Hashtag, Community Hashtags, Brand hashtags. This tool offers Hashtags based on location, category, community, interests, etc. If you are new to the Instagram hashtag and want to get more likes and followers, then this tool is best for you.

Preview APP - Hashtag Finder
Image Source – Preview App

8.  LeeTags –

LeeTags is very similar to Instagram because you have to type in the word, and it will generate hashtags from which you can choose the one which is most relevant to your post. Along with the hashtag suggestions, it will also give information on the popularity index of the hashtags. This tool is helpful for analyzing relevant and trending hashtags by generating hundreds of hashtags. It also allows you to save search with Hashtag categories and lists created manually for future reference to save your time.

 LeeTags - Hashtag Generator App
Image Source – Lee Tags

 9.  HASHME –

HashMe helps you to discover current trending hashtags based on the photo you upload or text you input. This tool is an AI-powered Instagram hashtag generator that helps you gain more likes, clue you into trending pages, increase followers, boost engagement, and grow your Instagram. It is a very useful tool for uncovering, organizing, and storing hashtag sets.

HASHME - AI Powered Hashtag Generator
Image Source – Hashtag Generator

10. Display Purposes –

The best part of display purpose is that when you enter a few words in the search box it filters out all the banned and spammy tags and gives you 30 relevant hashtags for your post. This tool is very efficient to use and comes with one of the best-crafted search Algorithms. Newbies should go for this tool and enjoy the results within a short period of time.

Display Purposes - Instagram Hashtag Generator
Image Source – Instagram Hashtag Generator

The more specific and strategic you can get at choosing hashtags along with the hashtag generator tool – the more successful you will be at building a niche audience.

Pro Tip – Use hashtag ladder strategy

If you want to become even more strategic in including hashtags in your content and want to make most of your hashtags, then follow the below hashtag ladder strategy 

Hashtag Ladder Strategy


Choosing one hashtag generator tool from variety is complicated but when you find one that suits you, you win! Try experimenting some of the above tools to discover the hashtags for your content. The best part of using a hashtag generator tool is that it is easy to use without taking much effort and helps you give the desired results in a short period of time.

Do you know any other hashtag generator tools that can help marketers/Influencers/content creators increase followers and Boost engagement? 

Please mention them in the comments section below.

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