Checklist to design an Email Template

Checklist to Design an email template that converts!

The design of your email is just as important as the content when it comes to email marketing. Email Design plays a very crucial role when it comes to the way you want it to be consumed and get conversions. A well-designed email template makes an email marketing campaign successful. So, Design your template creative along with an email copy to get desired results.

Remember, First Impression is the Last Impression. Ensure to Invest all you can to design your template in such a powerful way that it impels your subscribers to stay engaged with Future communication.

Before we dive into to Checklist of designing an Email Template, it is important to know beforehand,

Purpose of designing an Email Template.

  1. Lead Nurture Email – Welcome Email & Reactivation Email.
  2. Promotional Email – Offers, New product announcement, and Upsell, etc.
  3. Engagement Email – Newsletter & Customer Loyalty.
  4. Transaction Email – Thank You Email.

To Design the best Email Template, you can use an email service providers (esp) like Benchmark Email, Mail Chimp, HubSpot, etc. 

Let us Now begin with checklist to Design an email template.

An Email Template should contain,

1. Header –

The header is the Brand Zone of the Email template. Add Logo of the Brand with Link to the Landing page of the E-commerce website in the Header.

Email Design - Header - Brand Logo - H&M
2. Navigation Bar –

Right after the logo add Navigation bar with link to the pages of the website.

Email Design - Navigation Bar
3. Convey the Intent –

Convey the Intent of the email in headline with Catchy line or phrase, Hook your subscribers!

Email Headline
4. Call to Action Button –

Use striking, actionable CTA, include urgency to improve conversions. It is advisable to place actionable CTA at the top of the email at a prominent location to prompt subscribers to click on it.

Call To Action Button on Email Template
5. Product Images & Offer Price –

Add product images along with the offer price in text format right below it. (Ensure to attach CTA buttons after every product image in case image does not load subscriber can click on CTA button and can get landed on the landing page)

Product Images on Email Template
6. Upsell –

Upsell product or membership while wrapping up, by this practice you can increase your revenue up to 30%.

Upsell Offer or Membership on Email Template
7. Footer –

A footer is a Social Zone of Email Template. Add Social Media handles in the footer.

Email Template - Footer - Social Zone - Social Media
8. View email in Browser & Link to Unsubscribe –

Always include “view this email in your browser”, in case if images do not load in the email box still subscribers can view email with visual elements in the browser. It is advisable to include it at the top and bottom of the email template. A bottom of the email template should also contain a link to unsubscribe from receiving emails.

Top - View in your browser
Bottom - View in browser

And, Voila!

Your Template is ready.

Design an email Template

Things to Remember –

  1. Alt Text – Add alt text to all the images in the template. In case if the images do not load it will help add messages to the subscribers in text format.
  2. Hyperlinks – Add Hyperlinks to Landing Page in Logo, Product Images & CTA button.
  3. Typography – Use the best typography that suits & matches your brand and email intent.
  4. Colors – Use colors that meet your brand and email personality.
  5. Image – Avoid using Images in Excess, it should be moderation.
  6. Mobile Optimization – Use a mobile-friendly template.

Bonus Tip – 

Keep on Analysing KPIs of your Email Marketing Campaign i.e., Open Rate, CTR, Bounce Rate, etc. to check if your campaign is working or not. If you are not getting desired results, Kindly recheck your Email Copy or Design of your Email template.

Keep the above checklist and tips in mind as you design your Email template to nail your upcoming email marketing campaigns that will for sure lead to conversions.

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