8 Must-have Google Chrome Extensions

8 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketer

Google Chrome Extensions make our lives bliss, don’t they? Google Chrome Extensions are the most powerful tools that Every Digital Marketer must add to extend their Capabilities in their Marketing efforts. As a Digital Marketer using tools and hacks for growth becomes an important and integral part of life as it helps improve productivity, boost efficiency and user experience. Google Chrome Extensions are right meant for that! 

But there are thousands of Chrome Extensions out there. Some are amazing, some are pretty good and most of them are below par. Finding one out of them seems to be quite a difficult and time-consuming task. That is why I have Curated some of the Best Chrome Extensions for You that I use myself!

Why do Digital Marketers need Google Chrome Extensions?

As a Digital Marketer, you must be doing a lot of tasks right from creating campaigns, optimizing SEO, working on Newsletters, Lead Generation, handling Social Media, and studying analytic – Lifes seems pretty busy. So, to make work-life easier Digital Marketers turn to Google Chrome Extensions. By using the right Chrome Extension, you can tremendously improve your workflow to the point that you might not even need any heavy-duty marketing software! Awesome, isn’t it? Let’s now dive into some of the best google chrome extensions that every Digital Marketer must use!


Grammarly is one of the most common and popular web extensions on Chrome. This Extension automates the proofreading process and gives you valuable suggestions to improve your copywriting, Grammar, and Spelling. This is one of the best extensions for Digital Marketers, Content Creators, and Bloggers when it comes to writing and editing a Blog/Content/Emails, Etc. 

This is a Must-Have Extension for Content Writers, Bloggers, and Digital Marketers who are beginners in their respective fields as well as for experts alike.

Some of the Features of Grammarly are –

  1. Helps Check Grammatical Error.
  2. Gives Vocabulary Suggestions.
  3. Helps Detect Plagiarism.
  4. Gives Citation Suggestions.
Grammarly - Google Chrome Extension
Image Source – Chrome Web Store


ColorZilla is not only for Web Developers but is also important web extensions for Graphic Designers. With the help of this Google Chrome Extension, you can get and copy the exact color reading from any point of your web browser and paste that into another program.

Some of the features of colorzilla are an eyedropper, a color picker, and a gradient generator. This Chrome Extension is available in both Chrome and Firefox.

ColorZilla - Google Chrome Extension
Image Source – ColorZilla

3. SEOQuake –

SEOQuake is a Free Chrome extension that provides you Key SEO Metrics, SEO Audit of a webpage, including a check for mobile compatibility, Derive Keyword difficulty and Search Volume Information, Determination of keyword density, helps you explore and examine Internal and External Links, helps you compare Domain and URLs on a real-time basis. helps export all the data in one CSV file. 

This google chrome extension is majorly used to assess the competition for a given keyword in organic search and discover the display and PPC ads your Competitors are running. 

In short, this tool is used to optimize the Poor SEO and Improve PPC Campaigns. This is a Must-Have Extension for SEO Professionals, Google AdWords Users, and any other Digital Marketer.

SEOQuake - Chrome Extension
Image Source – SEOQuake


Mozbar is another google chrome extension for SEO. Basically, this extension is used to spy on Competitor’s SEO Strategy to optimize your own SEO Strategy. It Provides a lot of Similar information as QuickSEO. This is a super useful extension whenever you are browsing sites to find quality sites. Either to form relationships with them or evaluate the quality of your competition sites. 

Apart from this, the Mozbar extension also goes a little deeper into keyword analysis if SEO is one of your main focuses. This is a go-to extension for Digital Marketers and SEO Professionals Alike!

MOZBAR - Google Ghrome Extension
Image Source – MozBar

5. WhatsMYSERP –

WhatsMySERP is a Free browser Extension for Keyword Research (Volume & CPC) as you search on Google. This Chrome Extension helps Keep track of where your website ranks on Google with automatic daily updates or unlimited on-demand checks. It also offers full local SEO support by allowing you to choose a country-specific Google domain, search from a specific geo-location, and include Local Map Pack in your results.

Whatsmyserp - Chrome Extension
Image Source – whatsmyserp


Ghostery is an AdBlocker Extension. This Chrome extension allows you to block or configure ads, trackers, or any third-party marketing tools. With this chrome extension, you can identify who is tracking you from Facebook or Google and get links to businesses’ privacy policies where you can choose to opt out.

 Allows you to see how you’re being tracked for advertising purposes. This extension also provides a helpful list of the trackers and cookies triggered by every page you visit. This information is very helpful for competitor analysis and discovering tech stacks powering marketing funnels.

Ghostery - Google Chrome Extension
Image Source – Ghostery


Similar Web is used to analyze website and traffic rank. It is helpful to get insights into any website. This Chrome Extension allows you to check global ranking by category. Apart from this, it also allows you to see the trend of traffic generated by your website along with the same category competitors. This extension helps you check bounce rate, pages per visit, monthly visits, average visit duration, traffic sources such as organic, email, social, referrals, and geographic locations of the most traffic.

Similar Web - Google Chrome Extension
Image Source – Similar Web


LastPass is a secure vault to manage passwords of Multiple Sites and Platforms. You only need to have one master password to access all your accounts across any device. In this digital age, if you are tired of remembering dozens of passwords, then this extension is meant for you! This extension is convenient as you can log in to LastPass from your Chrome toolbar, and it’ll autofill the login fields on any tools you use.

LastPass - Google Chrome Extension
Image source – LastPass

Revamp Your Digital Marketing Processes Today !

Google Chrome offers a wide range of Extensions for all Business types including Digital Marketing. Once you start using these chrome extensions, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. It is surprising that some marketers still do not use them. If you haven’t used any extension, then you must use the key ones that will help you ease your Marketing process. In this blog, I have mentioned 8 top Chrome extensions that every digital marketer should know and check out. By using these top 8 chrome extensions along with Process Street, you can significantly Revamp your digital marketing processes today.

Are you using any of the above  extensions? Which one is your personal favourite? Mention it in the Comment section below. 

Also, Did I miss to add any Chrome extension that should be Included above? Or Would you like to add more to the List?  Do let me know in the comment section below.

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